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jill matthew glass artist nz earrings indigo dream

Glass Earrings - Indigo Dream

GST Included

Each pair of earrings is handcrafted in my Cambridge studio with hooks of ear friendly surgical steel, and has a kiln-fired glass bead hanging in pride of place at the end, in this case, reclaimed blue glass.


Each fused glass bead is hand assembled out of glass by me, before being fired to approximately 800C to attain the shape and gloss that each bead has.


At approx 3.5cm from top of hook to bottom of bead, each pair of earrings is unique as each glass bead is unique.


Please note that due to the difficulty of photographing glass, and different devices, item may be slightly different to picture.  But rest assured, as each is unique, you will get the pair represented in the photo!


Colours: Blue

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