the day I pimped a stranger's kitchen - part two

So. Where was I? Oh that's right... Dreaming about Wakalouie Waka's splashback.

As much as I love my job (I do), I love (and nee-eeed, just ask my husband) my sleep much, MUCH more. So this whole dreaming about splashbacks thing...

​Had. To. Stop.

Action Stations!  After a small and stressful, colourful but more-distasterous-than one-could-hope practice run... I had nailed the design (important), the uniquity (is that a word?) of the piece (important++) and the kiln schedule (super-mega-double-triple-extra-upsized-with-fries important) and we were away!

the two halves. bottom half fired, top half pre-fire
Both panels fused Bea-ut-i-fully.  What is frustrating about this is that it is so hard to photograph!  The photos do not do this splashback justice.  In real life it is smooth but textured, colourful with unexpected depth, the leaf outlines resting leisurely on top are sparkly glass and look amazing under lighting.

In short, while not everyone's cup of tea - this piece is a triumph!

Of course then there was the installation...

We had arranged to have our family summer holiday in Taranaki for the install - a decision that did not disappoint!  But, that being the case meant that when "S-Day" (Splashback Day) arrived, my entourage consisted of a husband, a one year old busy-body and a two year old sticky-beak...  Needless to say Ms Waka (Yvette) and her husband Willie welcomed us wholeheartedly into their home.  

serious stuff, this silicone applying

when duct tape is not enough... always handy to have a two-year-old's muscles to hand
What I found really challenging about this was that it was a very personal order from a complete stranger - about whom I knew very little. As I've already mentioned, Yvette was like a superstar of a first splashback customer, but designing to an unknown style, in a space that you've never laid eyes on in the flesh is unexpectedly difficult. Another struggle I had was that while I felt I was designing exactly what the customer wanted, it was something I wouldn't choose for my own kitchen, and having to be objective about that was surprisingly tricky.

the finished splashback
By the time we'd polished off an amazing lunch (thanks again Superstar Splashback Lady) - during which we each took turns peeking at the newly-siliconed ensemble to ensure it was staying on the wall - Yvette was already delightedly talking about pimping her kitchen island with a fused glass inlay to match!

Wakalouie Waka, and her splashback, in all their glory

This was an amazing journey - and while I was eternally worried about how on earth I was going to pull it off, pull it off I did.

And I tell you what - whether or not it's to your taste, this splashback rose to the challenge, and looks spectacular in the context of Yvette's house.  It fits in perfectly, both with the architecturally designed home, and with it's delightful occupants.

In short, it is the show stopper of a splashback the majestic Wakalouie Waka wanted.  

I've been told all her visitors "pat" it.

And I can, once again, sleep at night.

Posted: Wednesday 8 March 2017