paint it black

 "One, or any mixture, of the constituents into which light can be separated in a spectrum or rainbow, sometimes including (loosely) black and white." (
Late last year I attended an amazing week-long glass course with the talented Australian fused glass artist Kirstie Rea at the helm.

It was so delicious (and well-earned, let me tell you!) to think, talk and absorb only fused glass for a whole week in a world where as much as I love my job, it does come second to being "Mum".  There were only four of us the at the workshop, which made it intimate, focused, and incredible for learning.

​Kirstie was a fantastic teacher, very ready to share her extensive knowledge and skills. The workshop was entitled "In Your Own Boots" and rather than material and technique, the focus was on development of concepts and how to bring this to realisation into our fused glass art.

artist at work - me "behind the scenes at our course
​After our incredible week, the final day Kirstie had one last little task for us.  She laid out boxes of coloured scrap glass and we had half an hour to assemble a sculpture of "colour" - using whatever we liked from the scrap, plus glue or cellotape. We all dutifully did as we were bid, and at the end of our 30 minutes, there stood before us our four very different takes on "colour".

my "colour" sculpture made out of scrap glass
We all stood around discussing our "artwork" and how different each was in spite of being given the same concept.  (My idea being that angle and hue, depth and darkness/lightness changes the way we see colour). We willing students thought that was that.  

But nooooo.

"Right" says Kirstie, "now we paint them black!"

painted black, but not all the way...
We each took turns spray painting our creations, with instructions to stop when we though it was "black enough". This was such a great tool to highlight how much colour is enough to get your concept across.  

As it turns out, sometimes a hint of colour is more effective than a lot of colour.

Having said that, I also think we should bear in mind the wise words of Danny Kaye...
Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can at it.

Posted: Thursday 23 March 2017