I'm a tourist attraction!


It's not every day you get the opportunity to have a bus-load of foreign tourists come by your humble studio!  

​Unless you're me  - yes, that's right - I've become a tourist attraction! ;)

I was pretty nervous, despite being assured they were a "fun group with great heart keen to meet a good Kiwi".  I outsourced toddler duties for the day so just my had resident studio baby with me - she's very cute and pretty happy being stuck in one place as long as there's food in her hand.

So, I have this quirk.  This weird organisational and efficiency factor to my personality.

It's possibly left over from my days in management, but more probably genetic, and I'm not very good at "winging it". So I spent the morning arranging stock, typing a price list, numbering and pricing so I could tick off the sales as they happened. Note my total commitment to making sales there? Perhaps I should be renamed Pollyanna Matthew Glass?

Oh, did I mention that while half of my studio is totally committed to glass, the other half masquerades as a car storage/garden equipment/multiple ladder containment system? (don't ask, that doesn't even cover the ladder that is so large it can't physically fit in the stud...ahem...garage).

And then the bus. I heard it before I saw it. It was big. And loud. And full of American tourists enjoying New Zealand. And my humble studio.

And enjoy it they did. They listened. They were introduced to Margo. They asked questions. They bought glass.

I had them.

I had them in the palm of my hand.  

The moment I knew I had them was with my opening gambit: "you know you've made it as a decent Kiwi artist when your husband parks his Lexus in your studio every night...."

Yup. I said that.

A few chuckles and a "vrroomm vrroom" with a wink.

Told you I had them  ;)

Posted: Monday 3 October 2016