getting hot with Margo...

 Well, things are hotting up in the Jill Matthew Glass camp! (and I don't just mean the flames under my fingers as I type this very first blog post).  For the past five years, I've ticked along with my two smaller kilns, but a few months ago things were kicked up a notch with the crazy idea to have a whopper of a glass kiln made for me!  Margo was fresh off the boat last week and is now keen to get Toasty McRoasty with me.  (No, I'm not changing her name to Kilny McKilnface...)

Margo's considerable girth has had the slightly unforeseen effect of moving my entire studio out of the house... and into the garage.  Previously I'd been spread over a  two floor studio space, so i'm finding it very convenient having the entire studio on one level - even if it does still need to squeeze the car in!

With Margo comes a whole lot of new opportunity for both size of glass pieces, and speeding up production time by fitting more in per firing.  She's a whopping eight times the size of my smaller kiln so the scope is amazing! She's being wired in this week - then I'll really be hot under the collar!  (she is also the exact right height for a bar leaner - beersies anyone?)

Posted: Monday 25 July 2016